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Main section

Thank you all for coming to this web site. It is currently under work and so this is the only page.

The idea for this web site is to track and keep me at my Gameinstitute course, also to share scripts I have created and are currently working on.

My Mission

Everyone doing something like this has a mission to work on; I am no different and so if I chart it here it hopefully keep me on track.

  • To make games to introduce people to Christianity in the most comfortable way, without sticking it under there nose and saying "HAY I'M HERE!". I would love to make games for Christians to play, even if I could create an FPS (a challenge yes?). What I have to deal with is where do i draw the line for the Morals and Moralization? Do I allow killing, or just rendering unconscious etc..
  • I make enough money to keep my family safe and keep the wolf from the door. Even lf it is in Secular Work.
  • To finally create my own RPG world as an MMORPG. I've worked out all the rules and equations over the last 10-15 years so I should only need tweaking. I also need to make an engine for it as I feel there may not be one out there for a classless, level less system.

Who am I?

(Why have I not denoted my whole-self? Well it seems the more you put on the web the more chance people have to take your life and use it to their own needs so please be sensible and be wary.)

My name is Richard Holtom, I live in the UK with my wife, Victoria, and my 2 year old daughter, Elizabeth (Rosie, Beth, Little one, etc..). I am currently a full-time father and loving every minute of it. I am also an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, self taught PHP/ MYSql Web design, and a handful of other compute languages too.

I am a member of a local Church, The Barnoldswick Gospel Mission, I am also a member of The Hippodrome Amateur Dramatics Society and the Colne Writers Circle.

I currently play Lord of The Rings Online (UK RP Server) and at times EverQuest on Firiona Vie Server.

I love fantasy, and sci-fi. Also I love history and have recently been researching American History 1860-1875 for the demo I am writing. Lets just say I heard that there are two story types that are not used, Western and Romance.. So I have taken on the challenge to see if it is possible.

Well that is all for now. More soon I hope and pray that is!